Maryland Primaries From the Inside

Maryland Primaries From the Inside Last week, Barack Obama and John McCain swept through the Potomac and picked up victories in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. The Republican turnout was low, perhaps because McCain holds a commanding delegate lead and all sorts of Republican heavies are coming out to endorse him now that he’s already […]

Super Tuesday Results

There was one big loser on Super Tuesday, and it was Mitt Romney. Sure, he won Massachusetts, the state he used to govern, and Utah, with its large Mormon population. He also took North Dakota. But it wasn’t enough to slow John McCain’s momentum. Romney dropped out the next day, leaving three candidates theoretically in […]

New Orleans Musicians Keep City Alive

New Orleans Musicians Keep City Alive Ron Rona describes New Orleans as “a city that is striving to retain its culture in a nation that’s starting to look like K-Mart.” He should know. As part of the band/performance art collective The New Orleans Bingo! Show, he’s from a culture of music that happens far from […]

Ron Paul

It’s the eve of Super Tuesday, and your humble correspondent is completely exhausted. Candidates were dropping too quickly for me to get interviews on all of them, but since my predictions at the beginning of all this were completely wrong, we may have another few weeks or even months of Primary Season before the candidates […]

Florida Super Tuesday

Florida elections. Just the mention of the phrase can send shivers down the back of political activists or hobbyists, remembering 2000’s debacle. Anyone who forgot about that–or blocked it all out–can refer to Greg Palast for a refresher course. So a vote in Florida just wouldn’t be a vote without some drama, right? This time, […]

Super Tuesday Approaches

Super Tuesday Approaches. John Edwards is out of the race. Rudy Giuliani is out of the race (and we hardly even got to see him run!). It’s down to two candidates on the Democratic side, who even now are squaring off in possibly their last debate, and four on the Republican side, though John McCain […]

South Carolina Democratic Primary

So you already know that your humble Political Buzz correspondent was in South Carolina for the Democratic primary. My family lives in Hilton Head, and I did for the past three and a half years before returning to school in Philadelphia. And I am proud of my state today. 500,000 Democratic voters turned out to […]