Pennsylvania Primaries

Pennsylvania primaries. You’d have thought it was a horse race, or a football game. Every TV anchor was buzzing about Hillary Clinton needing to win by at least ten points to remain viable. (in fact, according to’s delegate counter, she would’ve needed at least 65% of the vote to stay on track to catch […]

Those other Pennsylvania primaries – Bill Cahir

Those other Pennsylvania primaries. In addition to the Presidential primary, on April 22nd Pennsylvania’s Democrats will make choices about primary candidates for a variety of positions, including the 5th Congressional District. The 5th District is in central PA, home to Pennsylvania State University, and is currently represented by Republican John Peterson, who is not running […]

Women and Power

Women and Power In 1992, Congresswoman Pat Schroeder told Wendy Kaminer, “Congresswomen aren’t powerful.” Hard to believe that that was 16 years ago. Nancy Pelosi was in Congress then. She was first elected to serve in 1987, and became Democratic Whip for one year before being chosen as the leader of the Democrats in 2002 […]

A Conversation with Obama’s Foreign Policy Team

A Conversation with Obama’s Foreign Policy Team The Obama campaign is doing things a little bit differently. That’s been acknowledged over and over again. But one of those differences was a forum at the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday, April 3, with Obama’s top foreign policy advisers. Richard Danzig, the 71st Secretary of the Navy, […]

And now for something completely different

Bill Foster

Yes, in the aftermath of March 4, Barack Obama got decisive wins in Wyoming and Mississippi, and loads of fur flew when Geraldine Ferraro said that Obama would not be where he is today if he were white (to which some answered, you’re right, he’d have wrapped up the nomination already), and then it was […]