Nevada Caucus

When it came time to draw cards, Barack Obama had all the luck. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but it appears according to several websites that Obama actually won the delegate count, getting 13 to Clinton’s 12. How does that work? You got me. But here’s a link to the stories that I’m drawing […]

Michigan Primaries

Michigan Primaries So now yet another Republican has won yet another state. Well, Mitt Romney would remind you that he’s won Wyoming as well, but nobody really counted them anyway. They were yet another state that moved their caucus ahead of February 5th and lost half their delegates and weren’t even given news coverage. Michigan […]

New Hampshire Primaries

Welcome to the New Hampshire primaries!  Your humble Political Buzz correspondent has deep ties to the Granite State. My mother grew up there, and my grandmother, uncle and aunt, and my favorite cousin still live there. I own a T-shirt with the outline of the state and the words “Live Free or Die,” the state […]

Iowa Caucus Results

Senator Barack Obama and Governor Mike Huckabee were the big winners in Iowa last night. This is the first official vote of the 2008 campaigns, and its effect really shouldn’t be underestimated. Yes, Iowa is one state and as we pointed out last week, the caucuses have a completely different breakdown of voters than the […]

What the Hell is a Caucus, Anyway?

Caucuses are different than straight secret ballot primary voting—at least for the Democrats. The Republican caucuses do cast a secret ballot and apportion delegates to the state convention that way. The Democratic process is more of a headache and yet has an interesting twist to it—it includes second choices as well as first choices. But […]

Candidate Issues Chart

Candidate Issues Chart – Election 2008 Had enough slogans and soundbites and negative ads? We here at Kaffeine Buzz are a little tired of hearing about poll numbers and likability and the new buzzword, change. We wanted to know what all these people really stand for–so we found out. And we printed all the information […]

Political Buzz Relaunches for the 2008 Election Year

Welcome back to another year of Political Buzz. We’re going to do things a little differently this time around. More journalism, less blogging. Political Buzz will feature interviews, in-depth articles, and some investigation into where the candidates really stand on the issues. We’d like to be your one-stop shop for campaign information. Let’s face it. […]