Metaforms – Merging Sacred Geometry with Elegant Style (15% Kbuzz discount!)

Sacred geometry itself has been used throughout history in art and architecture, and secular and non-secular representations. Gregory Hoag’s objective is to educate people about the strength of intention by using sacred geometry to channel positive and productive energy. In 1985, this Lyons, CO resident created his jewelry company, Metaforms, to meet this objective, which […]

Weleda Skincare

Weleda is a Swiss-based company that was founded in 1921, whose products are all free of any synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colors and parabens. The word “Weleda” itself refers to Celtic wise women that were healers and taught their followers to better understand nature. The company was inspired by the concept of Anthroposophy, a Greek word […]

Alba Botanica

Alba was founded in 1989 under the parent company of Avalon Natural Products. Avalon has created their product lines (Alba Botanica, Unpetroleum, and Avalon Organics) based on what they call the “Five Elements of Consciousness.” The first element is purity and safety. Alba Botanica products contain no parabens, chemical preservatives that increase a product’s shelf […]

The Time is Nau

Beauty, performance, and sustainability are the three concepts that drive Portland, Oregon-based retailer Nau to create hip, functional, and environmentally conscious clothing. The mission statement of this company, whose namesake is a native Maori (the native New Zealand language) word for “welcome,” is “to combine the generosity of the human spirit and the power of […]

PJ Harvey – White Chalk

I remember distinctly discovering PJ Harvey for the first time. I was about 13 years old, living in Barcelona, Spain with my family, and had had the realm of musical possibilities opened to me by my recent discovery of the Doors. I was in art class with my most favorite teacher of all time, Mr. […]


This week finds me exploring the wonderful world of French skincare, courtesy of L`Occitane. Now for most of you, including me, going into a L’Occitane shop always makes you feel like you know you are looking at luxury skin care goods, but if you are like me, you never really knew why, other than the […]