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Metaforms – Merging Sacred Geometry with Elegant Style (15% Kbuzz discount!)

Sacred geometry itself has been used throughout history in art and architecture, and secular and non-secular representations. Gregory Hoag’s objective is to educate people about the strength of intention by using sacred geometry to channel positive and productive energy. In 1985, this Lyons, CO resident created his jewelry company, Metaforms, to meet this objective, which was based on his 30 years of practice and meditation with sacred geometric.

The idea for Metaforms came to Hoag after his own moving experience of sleeping in a pyramidal structure in the early ’80s, and afterwards, he was able to visualize in his own mind, energetic patterns as geometric shapes. These are the shapes that he began creating in a three-dimensional form, which he has named “Metaforms.”

His definition of what, precisely, a metaform is, is that “they are precisely composed, 3-dimensional sculptures that radiate an energetic field which can positively influence your environment and help create a sacred space.” He continues to say that the universe itself and his forms are “based on the eternal laws of creation, which are mathematical and geometric in nature.”

The basic rationale in utilizing sacred geometry in any form is that geometric shapes, mathematical ratios and proportions, and musical harmonics are present everywhere in music, light, and cosmology. With the help of modern technology, such as telescopes and microscopes, scientists have discovered that a significant portion of our known universe exhibits geometric proportions, one of the most significant being the Golden Ratio, or Phi Ratio.

This ratio has been discovered in many places in nature: the spiral of a snail shell, the shape of our galaxy, hurricane patterns, flower petals, and more. Throughout the history of time, a repetition of certain patterns in the natural world has led to a widespread belief that these patterns are sacred because they are consistent and precise, yet inexplicable.

Hoag states that geometry is “the language we relate to the physical dimension with is geometry, [which] creates resonance with the higher dimensional levels.” While this explanation may not be concrete enough for some, it certainly makes sense that the celebration of patterns, beauty, and form in nature have always been a way for people to connect to the world and energies around them; whether it be a choir singing perfect chord harmonies, building intricate stained glass windows using mathematical proportions, or simply picking up seashells on the seashore.

Everything we see and do is part of some sort of energy; energy that can be transmuted into shapes, figures, geometry, music, or design. This is the concept that inspired Hoag to design his Metaforms.

Hoag’s Metaforms are created out of gold, bronze, and silver and are meant to be used by sitting underneath them whilst meditating. After working with these forms, Hoag realized that his next step was to be able to project the energy from his forms to people via a wearable form that would pick up any subtle energies emanating from a larger grid of geometric shapes. This idea is what led to the creation of the e.pendant.

These pendants are flat, fiberglass disks with an outer ring of sterling silver, gold vermeil, or 18K gold. The pendant itself consists of several layers of fiberglass, all of which have embossed sacred forms on them. Each side also has at least one precious or semi-precious gemstone on it; ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, etc. There are at least 18 different gemstones to choose from, and customers can design their own pendants with their own choice of gemstones. Each face of the pendant has a different form on it; the “Star” side has a star dodecahedron on it, while the “Earth” side features spirals and a dodecahedron.

The star face of the pendant features two overlapping 6-pointed stars. This side of the pendant, when facing the body, is meant to stimulate creative energy and activate an active, external experience. The earth face is an “earth grid” which is the form created by a dodecahedron moving through an Icosahedron, and they form phi ratio crosses with one another. The internal faces contain pentagonal faces as well as peace stars made from a cube and octahedron.

Hoag has spent years traveling around the world, finding places to put his 3-D geometric forms. He says that the two-dimensional systems in the pendant are set up to be receivers, or antennas, for these forms; which are in Colorado as well as numerous other places.

Energy work in general is still a very “metaphysical” concept for most people. However, the most important concept that comes from wearing and using an e.pendant is the realization that you alone have the power to change your life for better or worse.

This pendant is designed to be a tool used for focusing on intention and manifestation of personal goals. If you want to change careers and are in search of some form of meditation that can help you, then this pendant is definitely worth your while.

We all create our own realities, but for some people, it helps to have something that can magnify your own intentions and desires; a physical, but meaningful object. I know that for myself, simply knowing that this is what the pendant was created for helped me to focus my own intentions, simply due to the fact that otherwise, those thought patterns probably would have stayed dormant in my own mind for who knows how long (probably until something else triggered a meltdown!).

Simply having the e.pendant, looking at it with mild trepidation and intense curiosity, caused me to wonder, “What do I want for myself?” And sometimes, that’s all it takes to start any number of transformations in your life.

The e.pendant ranges between $194 and $299 (depending on metals and gemstones) and can be ordered online at, or by calling 1-888-978-2737.

They also offer layaway and payment plans, and all pendants are 100% guaranteed. Whether you are looking for yourself or a gift, you can receive a promotional 15% discount by mentioning this code: KBuzz.


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