Dollhouse – The Rock and Soul Circus

Who was it that said rock ‘n roll is dead? Well find me a voodoo doctor, ‘cause Dollhouse gone and done revived some “high energy rock ‘n soul” on their debut full-length album, The Rock and Soul Circus. And what a circus it is, with high-flying guitar solos, contorting vocals and a balancing pyramid of […]

White Lies – To Lose Your Life

White Lies – To Lose Your LifePolydor/Universal White Lies, I want to like you. I really do. Your album, To Lose Your Life, is rife with great production value, a sort-of-gloom-and-doom quality in its references to chapel steps and plethora of minor chord progressions, and a cornucopia of vocal reverb. But alas, White Lies, the […]

The Antlers – Hospice

This is a concept album about disappearing—one could assume voluntary or involuntary. The Antlers’ second album, Hospice, layers dense fuzz effects and somber piano, which combine to create a sonic atmosphere of sadness, isolation, and loss. Vocalist Peter Silberman created the record as answer to why he disappeared after moving to New York City in […]

Tom Morello, Boots Riley (of The Coup) – November 17, 2008 – Middle East – Cambridge, MA

Tom Morello

“Nylon string folk acoustic protest rock show.” Those are the words, straight from the Nightwatchman’s mouth, about what this concert was all about. Boots Riley (of funk-hop group The Coup, which also includes Morello), opened the show with a free-flow set of rhymes over an acoustic guitar. It was simple, stripped-down hip-hop at its best. […]

Cloud Cult, Exit Clov, Mason Proper – November 13, 2008 – Middle East, Boston, MA

Cloud Cult

The Middle East is the kind of venue that becomes a haven. The basement venue is probably two-and-a-half times bigger than Larimer Lounge, but has the same low ceilinged, neighborhood dive bar feel, with the added amenities of a coat check and a bar on each side of the room. Despite being on the opposite […]

Safe Summer Beauty Products – Pacifica, Honeybee Cosmetics, Mode De Vie

Pacifica Portland, OR-based company Pacifica was started by co-founders Brook Harvey and Billy Taylor, offering phthalate-free candles and body products. In 2007, Pacifica became carbon neutral by reducing carbon pollution wherever possible, planting trees to counteract unavoidable emissions. They also use soy, which is a clean-burning substance, and embrace the 4 R’s as much as […]

Aubrey Organics – The Safe Stuff

Florida-based Aubrey Organics, founded by Mr. Aubrey Hampton in 1969, has been producing all-natural, organic skincare products for over 33 years. The company has been listing ingredients on their labels since 1967; ten years before any laws requiring companies to do so were enacted. Even though they already use organic and all-natural ingredients, the company […]