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DHC Turns an Olive Leaf for Better Skincare

This week’s article finds me looking east for what can be found to the west: Japanese company DHC is a mail order operation offering wide variety of skin care products and cosmetics all made from the same fruit: the Spanish olive. Olive oil is the main ingredient in a large percentage of its products.

Olive oil helps balance the skin’s natural moisturizing systems without clogging pores, and also contains components that fight free-radicals, which are known to damage skin after being exposed to pollution, smoking and a poor diet.

DHC’s olive oil is obtained from the first crush, before the cold-processing of food-grade olive oil begins. No heat or chemical treatments are used, resulting in pure, organic olive oil rich in antioxidants and nutrients. DHC tests all their products for irritants before approval (though never on animals!), and strives to exclude any extraneous and unnecessary ingredients.

The DHC catalog is, for lack of a better word, gi-normous. In addition to cosmetics and skin care for men, women and children, DHC offers a line of supplements and fine foods, including sprouted brown rice and sauces. However, for simplicity’s sake, I will stick to the skin care section, which has tons of productions to choose from!

The Olive Leaf Lotion ($38) is a light, gentle toner that contains coenzyme Q to prevent loss of elasticity of the skin. If you have dry skin like I do, using toner is usually a gamble not worth taking because they make your skin flake off and certainly do nothing for its outward appearance! However, I was pleased that the gentle citric acid in this toner does not cause excessive drying.

One of the company’s best sellers, DHC Olive Virgin Oil, ($38) is the best moisturizer I have ever used. I must admit, I was hesitant to smear oil all over my face (doesn’t oil cause acne?), but it’s almost as if the stuff knows exactly how much moisture your skin needs…not too much, but enough to prevent dryness; especially in this ever-arid Colorado air. It contains nothing but pure olive oil, and also forms a protective hydrophilic barrier on your skin, so irritants cannot get in, and pores do not get clogged. This olive oil certainly proved to me that most of the time, simpler is better!

For quality SPF protection, DHC offers Suncut Q10 30+ ($15), an SPF 30 moisturizer with, of course, olive oil and coenzyme Q for fighting environmental aggressors.

In the body care department, DHC has several can’t-live-without items. The Olive Virgin Oil Swabs ($4) are individually packaged Q-tips doused in olive oil, perfect for traveling or daily use, these little guys work for everything from cuticle moisture to makeup repairs.

The Pacific Rim Salt Scrub ($25) contains sea salt and a mixture of olive, soybean, avocado and almond oils to slough off dead skin and simultaneously moisturize. This is a great product; with a touch of lavender oil, this scrub is a great way to exfoliate your skin without irritation-all those oils are there to comfort your skin once the salt has washed off.

I tend to have a rough battle with chapped lips in the winter, and there are several great lip products to choose from as well; perhaps the best part is that they are not saturated with synthetic fragrances. The Vitamin C White Stick ($20) is a smooth balm containing royal jelly and olive oil, and moisturizes without excessive greasiness. The DHC Lip Cream ($7) is a creamier alternative with aloe, lanolin, and vitamin E. For a more entertaining alternative, there’s the Moisture Care Lip Gloss ($8), which offers a shiny, pure finish and collagen for a plumping effect. These are available in several different shades, all of which are great, subtle colors. I find that some lip balms and chapsticks leave your lips dryer than they were before you used it, and this is not the case with any of these products; they naturally hydrate and help the lips stay that way.

DHC offers many more products than I could possibly cram into one weekly feature, but it is great to know that they have something for everyone. DHC products are available online at, and you can also request a catalog and free samples.


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