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Dr. Hauscka – Creating Healthy Skin Using Nature’s Rhythms

The Dr. Hauschka skin care line was developed in 1967 by Dr. Rudolph Hauschka, an Austrian-born chemist, who became involved in the Anthroposophy movement in the 1920’s. Anthroposophy, you will (or perhaps won’t) remember from my previous Weleda article, is a Greek word meaning “human wisdom,” that supports a spiritually scientific approach to improving the human condition.

In this case, Hauschka’s anthroposophist approach was to integrate pure plants, minerals, and botanicals into skin care products. Hauschka’s method was inspired by the rhythms of life and nature. In the same way that a lizard can re-generate its tail, a tree can heal a damaged limb, or a snail can re-grow its shell, so too can the human skin regenerate and heal itself.

According to the company’s website, “[Dr. Hauschka] saw the power of nature’s rhythms on all living things and realized that life itself was in constant rhythmic flux. He envisioned a way to use nature’s rhythms to transfer the vital life forces of plants to substances he could use as healing medicines without the use of alcohol or artificial preservatives. This ‘rhythmical process’ became the basis for his healing remedies and later for Dr. Hauschka Skin Care.”

Additionally, the Dr. Hauschka company, like Weleda, utilizes Biodynamics®, a sustainable and holistic form of agriculture that supports self-sufficiency and fair trade practices and prices. This model is universally beneficial, creating a system that is easily upheld by suppliers, and benefits them as well. In return, pure and chemical-free ingredients are provided for all the company’s products. This, my friends, is what we call a win-win situation. What’s more, Dr. Hauschka products contain no chemical or synthetic preservatives, and are packaged in eco-friendly containers and boxes.

In supporting an all-natural system of skin care that also encourages the return to natural rhythms, the Dr. Hauschka website offers seven facts that they claim will change your skin, based on their own philosophies as well as tried-and-true results. Tips include not wearing moisturizer at night, because this is the time that your skin uses to regenerate itself and expel impurities on its own. Using a moisturizer can interfere with the skin’s natural process of balancing oil levels, which can cause your skin to under-produce natural, essential skin oils and thus creating an imbalance that can lead to chronic dry skin, as well as dependence on moisturizers.

That being said, the Facial Toner ($31.95) is not only packaged in a super convenient spray bottle (no need for millions of cotton balls, hooray!), but is the perfect non-drying mist for your face after cleansing. The scent is very light and it doesn’t dry your skin out, like many alcohol-based toners can.

The Lip Care Stick ($12.95) is definitely pricey for a lip balm, BUT considering how sensitive lips are, it is worth it to know that what you are rubbing all over your mouth and no doubt ingesting by doing so, contains no chemicals or synthetic preservatives.

The Cleansing Clay Mask ($37.95) is a purifying mask of Loess clay, which detoxifies your skin and helps to draw out impurities due to its electrically charged particles. The great thing about this mask is that you get the jar full of pure clay powder to mix with water on your own, so one jar will literally last you months if not a year!

The Hand Cream ($22.95) contains beeswax and sweet almond oil that nourishes and protects your skin. This stuff also contains Kalanchoe, which is a succulent plant similar to aloe vera with numerous healing qualities. The Lemon Body Moisturizer ($36.95) is a light lotion with olive and jojoba oils, as well as the bright, energizing scent of citrus.

The Dr. Hauschka website offers the entire line as well as detailed descriptions and ingredient spotlights, which provide additional information about important botanicals in each product. In addition to skin and face care, there are cosmetics, sun care products, hair care items, and bath & shower selections as well.

The website also allows you to search for spas and estheticians in your area that sell and/or use these products. You can also find Dr. Hauschka products at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, and Pharmaca locations.


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