Molasses – Trouble at Jinx Hotel

In the tradition of slow, dark, and wonderfully melodious music, Molasses has crafted an album that fits their name only too perfectly. On their fourth release, Trouble at Jinx Hotel, (on alien8 recordings;, this Montréal ensemble creates a sonically enchanting masterpiece full of whispery vocals and steel harmonies that drip with images of sipping […]

[Minmae] – ¿ya te vas?


[Minmae] not only has an odd name (which came from some old cartoon that the band’s singer, Sean Brooks used to watch on television) but an odd style of music as well – one that I hesitate to describe with even the frilliest and most complex, yet endearing, of adjectives. Alas, I must try! With […]

Elf Power – Walking with the Beggar Boys

Elf Power runs the genre gamut on their sixth full-length release Walking With The Beggar Boys, and has discovered at least one infallible musical truth: variety is the spice of good music. For the most part, the band dabbles in the safe and subtle realm of poppy drum beats and cyclical lyrics and harmonies. And […]