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New Eco-Options, now with more Elephant Poo!

Ellie’s Eco Home Store opened its doors to Boulder on Saturday, November 15, 2008. While it’s no surprise that the store is launching in the heart of Colorado’s well-to-do, enviro-yoga-laden community, the store embraces a mission that consumers everywhere need to learn to embrace…before it’s too late.

The goal of Ellie’s is to facilitate an environmentally sustainable lifestyle to the masses. With everything from organic cotton underoos to eco-friendly flooring, Ellie’s is merging a selection of products that might mimic Target or Wal-Mart, but combining it with an environmentally responsible, Whole-Foods-like, local flair.


Carly Marriott, the general manager, says “People are mostly surprised by the selection of products we carry…We have not come across any other retail[ers] that offer the selection of environmental products that we do…We are really glad to be able to bring a variety of sustainable, responsible products under one roof.”

There’s no doubt that a trip to Ellie’s will cost more than Safeway, but for those wanting to truly commit to safer products for the earth, the brutal truth is that it’s a cost you’ll have to suck up until the movement becomes more mainstream. However, there is a wide variety of less expensive items you can enjoy without incurring a huge cost. Perhaps one of the most entertaining items up for grabs is a notepad ($10) made from recycled…elephant dung. Who knew elephant poop made great paper? And an even better gift?!

And for those of you who were bummed that Nau’s 29th Street Mall storefront closed down, you’ll be happy to know that when you’re ready to splurge on a holiday gift, Ellie’s will be carrying their products. Nau’s products are still crafted with the highest regard for the environment, and can once again be found on their website at

The Flourish Dress ($248) is crafted from cashmere and angora, and is basically the only sweaterdress you’ll ever need. If you’re living in frigid mountain and coastal winter climes, that is, because trust me, that sucker is w-a-r-m! As an added bonus, all Nau items are 30% off through the 15th of December if you order from the website. Use the promotion code “GIVE” during checkout.


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