Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass

Though many people find it hard to understand what rabid word purveyor Aesop Rock says, and may still be deciphering the meat of it hours or even days after a feeding, few can deny that there is definite passion behind the man’s madness. Although he has yet to dumb things down for the lay person, […]

Sharkey & C-Rayz Walz Are…Monster Maker

The collaboration between New York City’s microphone fiend C-Rayz Walz and D.C.’s manic producer Sharkey is nothing if not surreal. From the first track to the last you are taken on a journey of self-awareness that few, save the faithful fans of each, have ever traversed. While C-Rayz continues to dazzle with his intricate and […]

Turbo Fruits – Turbo Fruits

Turbo Fruits is a trio of sloppy-haired dudes from Nashville, TN. On their self-titled debut release, a mish-mash of punk ’n roll, guitar-heavy tracks and post-pubescent vocals blast into the ethos. On an album of 15 short, punchy tracks, Guitarist/vocalist Jonas Stein sounds like he has a perpetually sore throat (and I mean that in […]

Turbonegro – Retox

Turbonegro are back with another dose of their signature Norwegian death punk on their seventh release, Retox. And while nothing can beat the sensation of hearing Never Is Forever, Apocalypse Dudes or Ass Cobra, and experiencing these guys live for the first time, there is no denying the staying power of these fucking weirdoes. Hank […]

Ian Cooke

For years now, Ian Cooke has been loved by many here in Denver, not only for his exotic and captivating musical style that has reached new heights on his latest release, The Fall I Fell, but for his bright smile and warm nature. With influences that range from Tosca Tango Orchestra, Rufus Wainright, to Tori […]

Gregory Alan Isakov

A veteran of the A Moveable Feast music festival this weekend, having played the inaugural event earlier this year, Gregory Alan Isakov is one of a number of artists in Denver that has roots in other parts of the world. Growing up in South Africa until he was seven, his family left their home behind […]