Aesop Rock – Skelethon – Rhymesayers

A little less than one year ago Aesop Rock was hitting the road for the Hail Mary Mallon Tour, a collaboration with Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz, his first project on his new label home, Rhymesayers, after El-P put Def Jux on infinite hold. Aesop returns with his own baby, Skelethon, the sixth in […]

Aesop Rock

photo: Chrissy Piper For nearly a decade Aesop Rock repped New York while being an integral artist on the indie-rap powerhouse Definitive Jux. Still recording under the Def Jux imprint, he now resides in San Francisco with his wife of three years. As he and his fans acclimate to his San Francisco home-base, the artist […]

Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass

Though many people find it hard to understand what rabid word purveyor Aesop Rock says, and may still be deciphering the meat of it hours or even days after a feeding, few can deny that there is definite passion behind the man’s madness. Although he has yet to dumb things down for the lay person, […]

Aesop Rock – Bazooka Tooth

For anyone who would always wanted to go to New York but couldn’t get the time off or the money together, relax. Aesop Rock is bringing the Big Apple right over to your house, complete with subways, nightclubs, graffiti, street kids with boom boxes and the occasional electric ninja.