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Turbo Fruits – Turbo Fruits

Turbo Fruits is a trio of sloppy-haired dudes from Nashville, TN. On their self-titled debut release, a mish-mash of punk ’n roll, guitar-heavy tracks and post-pubescent vocals blast into the ethos.

On an album of 15 short, punchy tracks, Guitarist/vocalist Jonas Stein sounds like he has a perpetually sore throat (and I mean that in a good way). We are definitely dealing with a group inspired by classics like the Clash and the Ramones, as well as newer So-Cal inspired groups like Kings of Leon. These guys can’t be legal yet, judging from their press photo, but they have definitely managed to put together a cohesive, rock-heavy album. There is a definite sense of the ’70s in here; being a victim of pop culture as it is, I imagine the members of Turbo Fruits gathering in someone’s basement á la Eric Foreman and crew in That ’70s Show, and exhaling large, billowing clouds amounts of hazy smoke.


Considering that they have titled their songs with names like “No Drugs to Use,” and “Volcano,” it’s no surprise that the record is the enigmatic result of the hard work and creativity of a few stoners. Who said that pot smokers only sit around on the couch all day, anyways?!

Pass the Pop Tarts, and listen to the magic unfold!


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