Imagine Dragons ‘Continued Silence’ U.S. Tour

It’s interesting that the new Imagine Dragons EP is titled Continued Silence (Interscope), because the six tracks are anything but quiet. With the new songs in tow, the four-piece act consisting of Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon (guitar) Ben McKee (bass), and Daniel Platzman (drums) hit the road earlier this month and come to Denver at […]

M.I.A. – Boyz

Boyz is a dose of M.I.A. as we’ve come to expect: an edgy and abrupt dance track with a wicked island flare and M.I.A.’s unmistakably tough and sexy voice. If this single was a just a single, that would suffice as a review. However, this disc comes with an entire extra encoding that boasts dozens […]

AFI – Decemberunderground

Trying to peg the appeal of AFI is an exercise in futility. They’re everything and nothing you believe they are. Merely a pop band carving their own Green Day history? Misunderstood party crashers uncomfortable with the increasing fame and labels? AFI sure seems to fool a lot of people with an image that doesn’t accurately […]

Snow Patrol – Embracing the Simple, Synchronistic Moments

Snow Patrol - Gary

I don’t often refer to a television show’s season finale when discussing a band’s sound, but in the case of the song “Chasing Cars” off Snow Patrol’s new album, Eyes Open, I’m making an exception. For Greys Anatomy fans, I don’t need to remind you how heartbreaking the closing scene was. For those who have […]

Wolfmother – Wolfmother

Wolfmother – WolfmotherInterscopeThe transition of quality from CD to live set isn’t always guaranteed to be consistent. It can actually go either way. A band that rocked your world at a club over the weekend can fall flat on Monday morning when you throw their $5 EP into your car’s stereo. Or you find that […]

Beck – Guerolito

Hitting the streets on December 13, Mr. Hansen has rallied an eclectic troupe of musical thespians to spin new colors and flows on the tunes from this year’s Guero. As the king of kitchen sink production and songwriting, the concept of taking Beck’s imagination further through other minds is not only intriguing, it seems like […]