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Total Science – Breakbeat Science Exercise 6

Look let’s put this straight: those that know anything about DJ mixes and drum and bass, pretty much know what to expect before I even get into the nuts and bolts of yet another CD mix release from the boys at Breakbeat Science. And those that aren’t familiar with these scenarios think they know what to expect too, even though they don’t generally have enough knowledge to know that drum and bass is actually different from “techno.”

So now that I have alienated half an audience, let’s get down to business.


Total Science, made up of DJ/producers Jason Greenhalgh (Q Project) and Paul Smith (Spinbad), have re-emerged with their first domestic CD release—Breakbeat Science Exercise 6. Continuing in the fashion most notably of Dara, Juju and DB before, the duo takes the listener on a journey through the smoother sounds of the drum and bass genre. None of the rougher edged techstep, hardstep, and ragga exists here (I know I hear the disappointment from all you hardcore headz out there).

Aside from a few notables, like Total Science’s “Defcom 69” classic, “Squash” (Gridlok Remix) and Splittin’Atoms “Bulletproof” most of the mix contains non-varying tracks to a degree that are meant more for late night listening rather than dance floor gymnastics. DJ Marky & XRS “Closer” and Total Science (feat. MC Conrad) “Soul Patrol,” are more of the catchy variety, as is the hard funky The Kox mix, “It’s O.K.” This is all okay though, because many of the listeners of the genre want a mix CD like this anyway.

Don’t get me wrong here—this is a solid continuous mix that will not disappoint. Total Science’ are veterans with the evolved drum and bass scene while doing this AND the “harder” edged stuff for years. Perhaps they were fitting this mix into the mold of easily digested drum and bass is what fits in with the ever-so-popular Breakbeat Science installment.


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