Augie March – Moo, You Bloody Choir

The very first strains of Augie March‘s Moo, You Bloody Choir, from the bright guitar, to the voice of Glen Richards, sound very much like Jeff Buckley. He doesn’t have the vocal range of Buckley, but his voice shares similar qualities, while the songwriting has the same separation from any sort of time or place.

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork

If you’ve heard Chromeo or read about them, you know two things: they play ‘80s funk and they use a shit-load of vocorder. But this isn’t just stylistic schtick. There is depth and a true passion in the work of Dave One and P-Thugg, and it is clear on Fancy Footwork that their dedication and […]

Destruments – Seeds of Soul

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the death of hip-hop. Truth be told, the artform is really only dead on the radio; elsewhere it is vibrate, alive, thriving, and still being explored for its fullest potential. Case in point, the Cali crew Destruments—whose new album Seeds of Soul showcases the groups love of […]

Dimension Zero – Scythe

Everything looks good on paper for Dimension Zero: “semi-dark, aggressive EBM,” with such varied influences from Pink Floyd to Depeche Mode to Mike Patton and Trent Reznor. The description of their sound was said to be industrial electronic with “amazing guitar builds and relentless beat patterns.” A promising release from Salt Lake City’s Monty Singleton […]

Billy Harvey – Bearsick

Billy Harvey, a singer-songwriter from Austin, TX, having released four full-length albums under his own name is obviously a follower of the DIY aesthetic by issuing those albums on his own record label, and then recording them predominantly on a laptop by himself. Harvey’s style stretches outside of his production methods, which are ingrained in […]

Steel Toes – David Gow and Mark Adam

Steel Toes (David Gow and Mark Adam) Adapted from the play of the same name, screenwriter/playwright David Gow takes “Steel Toes” to the screen, plucking stunning and impacting performances from Oscar nominee David Strathairn (“Good Night and Good Luck”), playing the Jewish lawyer, Daniel Dunkleman, who has been appointed to represent a Neo-Nazi racist, Michael […]