Chromeo – DJ-Kicks

If you want a good indication of what’s in store for the Monolith pre-party on Friday, September 11, you need go no further than the new Chromeo DJ-KiCKS remix album from !K7. Electic and endearing, funky and funtabulous, track one through track 18 is a non-stop groove and party waiting to happen, sans the balloons […]

Chromeo – Paving Their Own Road to the Free-dom Kingdom

The neo-retro electro-funk phenomenon Chromeo recently headlined at San Francisco’s Mezzanine. Along with Flosstradamus, Codebreaker and Frisco Disco DJ duo Richie Panic and Jeffrodesiac, the max capacity show was free of charge thanks to a massive sponsorship from the car company turned music promotion agency, Scion. Prior to the performance, Eric Kozak of Denver’s DJ […]

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork

If you’ve heard Chromeo or read about them, you know two things: they play ‘80s funk and they use a shit-load of vocorder. But this isn’t just stylistic schtick. There is depth and a true passion in the work of Dave One and P-Thugg, and it is clear on Fancy Footwork that their dedication and […]