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All Teeth And Knuckles – Club Hits to Hit the Clubs With

You know how sometimes you can see someone you think is pretty hot, but then they open their mouth they instantly become less attractive, or the opposite, where a person gets better looking as your knowledge of what’s inside connects to you personally? This happens when listening to music as well, where it may actually take a few listens before you really start to feel it.


And then we get in a disc like All Teeth and Knuckles (ATAK) that pulled me by the collar and pushed me up against the wall in a full-on make-out sesh that wouldn’t stop. And I didn’t want it to. I went in for round two, three and four without the need for a 20 minute rise-to-the-occasion break. Although I quit smoking four and half years ago, I oddly craved a smoky treat after repeatedly taking in their debut on Pish Posh of North America, Club Hits to Hit the Clubs With.

This butt-to-balls album is the makings of a San Francisco based duo, Sick Face Fallon and Gio Fo’Rio, with some added icing on the cake spread on by well known drum and bass producer UFO! Heavy on the dirty grooves and pulsating electro lines, lyrics run the gamut of street style philosophy, over-the-phone commentary, internal dialogues and storytelling with a whiskey/PBR touch.

Upon listening to “Fuck Your Jacket” and the chit-chat between Fallon and Gio, I was brought back to the Dead Milkman track “You’ll Dance to Anything” mashed up with another S.F. act who is still near and dear to my heart, Voice Farm, inspiring quite a few giggles and “an immediate urge to fling off my bikini.”

“The Real San Francisco” runs through the various ‘hoods and such, flowing with a bustling beat that fits right in with a manic, 80mph taxi ride from the Haight down to Soma. I did get homesick when I heard the line, “Sometimes I ask myself if there’s anywhere else I should go / Really not sure but right about now I never want to leave San Francisco.”

In a game of hot potato, CSS flows affection towards Death From Above in their aptly named, “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above,” which is referenced in ATAK’s own “Let’s Undress and Listen to CSS,” making for lots of love, dance moves and naked skin antics.

If you need to know more, you need look no further than “My 411 Track.”

I just write what I know
Tellin’ you ‘bout all the shit that I see at all the shitty places I go
I’ll give you my 411, just keep it on the down low
The basis for all this is most definitely need-to-know
‘Cause I don’t rhyme about politics, because that shit is all the same
I don’t rhyme about beef or if I am or am not winning the game
I just rhyme about my life and what I think is fucking lame
How I fight it all teeth and knuckles every day after mother fucking day

Still need more? Fine. Check out or visit the ATAK Sonic Bids site, which has three tracks from the album available for download at Now get on it.


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