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Reel Big Fish – Monkeys for Nothin’ and the Chimps for Free

When your want to check your brain at the door and just escape the toils of every day life, you can walk down to your corner bar and drown in a bottle of cheap gin with a divorcé with missing teeth, smoke a fat blunt (kinda being redundant there, but whatever) and rent Porky’s Revenge while devouring a Meat Lovers Pizza, or go with the safer, legal, healthy choice, the new album from the light hearted and chipper boys in Reel Big Fish.

Start that soiree of one with “Party Down” and try out those new moves you learned from the ballroom dance instructional DVD your mom gave you for Christmas, but refrain from quoting the band when you go out in public. I mean really, who says “party hardy” anymore? What’s next, keep on truckin’?


For that friend of your that’s begun asking you if you accept Jesus as your personal savior and has stared buying his/her wardrobe additions from QVC, play “the New Version of You” and see if he/she gets the hint. Reel Big Fish even gets a little Zen with some words of wisdom on, “Slow Down,” reminding us that although life goes by fast, living on the clock in the world of fast food and faster sex isn’t always healthy or rewarding.

After that OM session, get out your aggressions and pump yourself to tell off your boss/girlfriend/boyfriend/teacher/cop-who-just-pulled-you-over with a double whammy of “Another F.U. Song” and “Hate You.” You’ll be glad you did.

Complementing Monkeys for Nothin’… is the instructional DVD of how to make a record, which is quite the educational experience. You’ll learn that all you need is some instruments, people and a studio you can afford to write and record songs for people’s listening pleasure. You see the men in action, working their fingers to the bone, pulling all-nighters while downing small paper cups of Starbucks, and in the case of trumpeter and backing vocalist Scott Klopfenstein, you may follow his footsteps of performing a makeshift Prince Albert in order to suffer for your art. I mean, if you’re really serious about wanting to be a rock star.

So yes, it’s just that easy to write and record an album, just like Reel Big Fish. But I would also recommend sitting on your couch and just listening to it instead. Much easier. And when you’re ready to pull yourself away from Matlock reruns, you may want to shower, brush your teeth and put on some aluminum based deodorant and head out to the Ogden on Tuesday, August 7 where the Fish heads will be playing with Less Than Jake. Party on Garth.


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