Audio Bullys – Generation

Capturing spooky samples from Nancy Sinatra’s “Shoot You Down” as their opening scene to Generation, Tom Dinsdale and Simon Franks of Audio Bullys venture forward with both dodgy, dancing themes and slower soundtracks from the mind, including “Get Myself on Track.”

Code Red – All Aboard

“The best thing to come out of Kentucky since Colonel Sanders drumsticks.” ( That’s what has been said of the foursome known collectively as Code Red. Their debut album, All Aboard, is at once a homage to what has become known as “the golden era of rap”—strong, explosive percussion; party-oriented rhymes—and a nod to more […]

North To Emerson – Anywhere But Here

Some bands merely come and go, and a proud few, work tirelessly during their short tenured, but illustrious careers to perfect the art of reinventing, then clueless, bludgeoning wheels that have long since been dead and flattened. Enter, North to Emerson, a band who recklessly characterizes the latter.

She Wants Revenge – She Wants Revenge

Music can stimulate so many different moods, from calming and introspective to raucous and rowdy. Then there is the hair pulling lust, the primal stares, the biting lip sexual tease that was at the forefront of songs from David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Joy Division (no, not Interpol) and The Cure. During the late ‘70s and […]

Super Numeri – The Welcome Table

It’s difficult to recall any band that has left me as hypnotized as British psych/space rock greats Ozric Tentacles. Aside from certain goa-trance or even Brian Eno’s Another Green World, Super Numeri has done just that. On their second Ninja Tune release, The Welcome Table, the Liverpool collective convincingly operates on a higher plane of […]