The Bug – London Zoo

The Bug’s debut album London Zoo is very much influenced by the dancehall music scene. This is especially expressed on the opening cut “Angry,” which features veteran reggae artist Tippa Irie. With driving percussion and sweaty synths, this song was made to move the body. However, the mind is moved as well, as Tippa follows […]

Super Numeri – The Welcome Table

It’s difficult to recall any band that has left me as hypnotized as British psych/space rock greats Ozric Tentacles. Aside from certain goa-trance or even Brian Eno’s Another Green World, Super Numeri has done just that. On their second Ninja Tune release, The Welcome Table, the Liverpool collective convincingly operates on a higher plane of […]

Blockhead – Downtown Science

If there was ever a close cousin to DJ Shadow, Blockhead is definitely part of the family of culturally captivating and artistically complex hip-hop artists. As a producer for himself and on other projects, including Aesop Rock’s Labor Days and the new album, Blockhead actually gets outside of his head, drinking in his urban surroundings […]

Coldcut – Sound Mirrors

Attention Coldcut fanatics! Let us all take a moment and Replay in our minds the pleasure of listening to Journey’s By DJ-70 Minutes Of Madness mix CD and Let Us Play. Remember when these brilliant concoctions of electronica left us in awe? And how Coldcut manages to combine elements of hip-hop, funk, electro, jungle, and […]

Pest – All Out Fall Out

Really not a fan of funk, the self-description of Deptford (London)’s Pest leads off with the word scarily up-front; but I braved it, and I think you’ll be interested too. Fortunately, All Out Fall Out takes a surfeit of cues from good disco and old R&B—with its Wah-Wah’s and its killer-quick drum fills and its […]

The Herbaliser – Take London

About two decades ago, one of Rap music’s greatest champions (a guy named Russell) was working with Profile Records; he had helped to get his brother Joseph “Run” Simmons and two of his friends a record deal. Well, before you knew it, the trio called Run DMC broke this fledgling music genre wide open and […]