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Audio Bullys – Generation

Capturing spooky samples from Nancy Sinatra’s “Shoot You Down” as their opening scene to Generation, Tom Dinsdale and Simon Franks of Audio Bullys venture forward with both dodgy, dancing themes and slower soundtracks from the mind, including “Get Myself on Track.”


Comparisons to the Streets and the autobiographical, storytelling styles of Mike Skinner are hard to deny, as is the desire to shake to the shuffle and deep beat propulsions this duo have cooked up. Although the Bullys excel in the area of high energy, the more intriguing tracks appear with a slightly downtempo, 2-step pattern meets tinkling tranquility on “I’m in Love,” along with “Pump Up The Volume” bubbling undertones on “I Won’t Let You Down.”

In contrast to their electronic dance reputation, the ditty that captures the heart is “This Road” featuring Suggs, which emanates with truly British, keyboard melodies and Piccadilly Circus rhythms that roll off the hip and down the street. Taking requests at a piano with a tip jar, “Struck By The Sound” is a moody number, dedicated to friends and experiences from the past as bluesy horns sing their own tormented and tumultuous song.

Audio Bullys’ Generation is the second release for Dinsdale and Franks, a follow up to Ego War in 2003, if you don’t count the 2003 Holligan House remix album or their Back To Mine series of the same year (the boys were busy). So far, they’ve building quite a calling card for themselves, and Generation is yet another feather in their suave and stylin’ cap.


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