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She Wants Revenge – She Wants Revenge

Music can stimulate so many different moods, from calming and introspective to raucous and rowdy. Then there is the hair pulling lust, the primal stares, the biting lip sexual tease that was at the forefront of songs from David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Joy Division (no, not Interpol) and The Cure. During the late ‘70s and into the ‘80s, art itself crossed over into the music shakers, mixing with drugs, and mixing the likes of Basquiat and Blondie, creating a world that was both dark and extremely provocative.


Enter She Wants Revenge, plucking those same emotions and visuals from that era. Having lived and been affected by those bands during that time, this duo, Justin Warfield and Adam 12, have transformed their own experiences into a collection of tracks that immediately swoon and surrender with eyes closed. Evoking a lyrical level of intrigue and spattered scenes from black and white movie clips, lines like “She smelled like 2am,” “She tastes like a tear,” or “I want to hold you close/Skin pressed against me tight…As I whisper in your ear/I’d really like to tear you apart” capture the highs and lows of a Lit Lounge love affair, filled with the kind of sexual tension that builds until every pore of your body burns.

Both based in Southern California, Justin and Adam met at a party some 16 years ago, crossing paths through their shared passion for DJing and music making, but never got to a point of collaboration until a few years ago. At the time they were focused on the “golden age of hip-hop,” but gears shifted towards making dance party music from the same time, but in the vein of modern rock ala The Smiths the other aforementioned acts.

Not expecting that their 12” demo efforts would lead to this major label debut, She Wants Revenge are now on tour with an added guitarist and drummer in support of their self titled release (which hits stores on Tuesday, January 31). The buzz has already been circulating far and wide, from the online video version of “Tear You Apart” running on to its video debut on, in-store appearances from city to city and a showing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

She Wants Revenge come to Larimer Lounge this Wednesday. I suggest you make it with dancing shoes on. My guess: it will be the last time they play a small, intimate venue in Denver.


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