Badpenny – Special Racer

This may be my favorite Denver band. Am I allowed to say that in a Denver-based music magazine? badpenny, for those who haven’t had the pleasure, are Sean Bryant on drums, Dave Womer on guitar, and the fabulous Ms. Sandeigh Barrett on bass and vocals. And really, her Corin Tucker-meets-Patsy Cline vocals are what it’s […]

The Box Social – Blown To Bits

Five tracks of fierce, straight-forward ROCK, this EP from Milwaukee’s The Box Social lays the groundwork for a band that will one day be considered in rock and roll’s broad legacy. Dual guitar hooks (Nick Junkunc, Nick Woods) stand out strong, carried by a perfect bass (Matt Kuehl) and drum (Brian Peoplis foundation. Vocals (also […]

Cage – Hell’s Winter

With a track record that some might envy (Cage has worked with the likes of legends Pete Nice, Bobbito Garcia, El-P, MF Doom and Aesop Rock), while others might revile (Cage has also been a drug addict, spent time in an institution, and seen his dad hauled off during a stand-off with police), Cage the […]

The Exit – Home For An Island

Sounding like a 60’s protest band inspired by the Clash, The Exit return with their sophomore album made for the iPod generation, Home for an Island. They’re not preachy or extremely political, but they’re a young New York City rock band reflecting the modern yet morbid times with their music.

Fatlip – The Loneliest Punk

There was a time, during the heyday of Young M.C., Tone Loc, and DJ Jeff, when the indie startup Delicious Vinyl ruled the rap roost. When they signed a young group of up-and-comers fresh off the Cali underground scene called The Pharcyde and released the critically acclaimed, commercially successful, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde, it […]

Indexcase – IndexCase

Attention all male suburban amateur motocross enthusiasts, 24-hour Fitness metalheads, Hot Topic store loiterers, and Ultimate Fighters, your new favorite band, because IndexCase has just kicked its way through the door. Having toured the states with juggernauts Mushroomhead and HedPE, as well as local slots with Disturbed and Papa Roach, the buzz surrounding this Des […]