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The Box Social – Blown To Bits

Five tracks of fierce, straight-forward ROCK, this EP from Milwaukee’s The Box Social lays the groundwork for a band that will one day be considered in rock and roll’s broad legacy. Dual guitar hooks (Nick Junkunc, Nick Woods) stand out strong, carried by a perfect bass (Matt Kuehl) and drum (Brian Peoplis foundation. Vocals (also Woods) are tough as nails, but unstrained and in perfect rock sass.


Not to say that all the tracks sound the same, by any means (though I wouldn’t care if they did), the band’s third EP, Blown To Bits is so flawless and relentless that you reach the end without even realizing that the track transitions.

The particular stand-out track is “Scary Dream,” in which Woods tells the frantic tale with a desperate, quivering shriek, singing in perfect harmony and rhythm with his guitar. All this needs is a tambourine climax and the asses will never stop shaking.

Need a new disc to get you out of bed in the morning, Blown To Bits will shake you awake and play in your head all day.


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