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The Exit – Home For An Island

Sounding like a 60’s protest band inspired by the Clash, The Exit return with their sophomore album made for the iPod generation, Home for an Island. They’re not preachy or extremely political, but they’re a young New York City rock band reflecting the modern yet morbid times with their music.


The Exit has been likened to bands like Husker Du and the aforementioned Clash because of the two singer-songwriters, and while each are very different, they compliment each other well. Their music likes to squirm out of the pigeonhole every time they get crammed into it with hints of dub and reggae that find their way into songs like, “Let’s go to Haiti,” and “Back to the Rebels,” and more dreamier sounds reminiscent of Dredg come through on tracks like, “Don’t push.”

Fans of the band will appreciate the evolution of the bands sound. The music isn’t vastly different from their 2001 debut New Beat, but the dynamic energy of their live show wasn’t captured until Home for an Island.


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