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Indexcase – IndexCase

Attention all male suburban amateur motocross enthusiasts, 24-hour Fitness metalheads, Hot Topic store loiterers, and Ultimate Fighters, your new favorite band, because IndexCase has just kicked its way through the door. Having toured the states with juggernauts Mushroomhead and HedPE, as well as local slots with Disturbed and Papa Roach, the buzz surrounding this Des Moines, Iowa quartet is mounting and they seem groomed for Heavy Rock radio formats.


With James “Jimbo” Barton having commandeered the production ship and Curt Smith (of the legendary Tears for Fears) that’s exactly where it looks like they’re headed, popping up on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre soundtrack as well as mini-video biographies airing on MTV and MTV2.

In such an exhausted, nearly decade old genre, they not only reinvent the wheel, they put spinners on it. With textbook, drop tuned, precision riffs and quiet/hard/verse/chorus predictability, distraction takes over early on. While the lyrics aren’t especially cliché, they have an obscure, forced rhyming style and the Linkin Parkish “I do what the voices inside my head tell me” soft vocal delivery, further solidifying themselves in the eroding collage of the next gen nu-metal.


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