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Cage – Hell’s Winter

With a track record that some might envy (Cage has worked with the likes of legends Pete Nice, Bobbito Garcia, El-P, MF Doom and Aesop Rock), while others might revile (Cage has also been a drug addict, spent time in an institution, and seen his dad hauled off during a stand-off with police), Cage the emcee delivers his most potent cocktail to date. The personal and therapeutic Hell’s Winter comes stamped with all that you expect from the dungeon underground and more.


With production provided by Jux mainstays Blockhead, El-P, and Camu Tao, and sporting limited guest appearances by the likes of Matt Sweeny, Aesop Rock, and Jello Biafra (as Dubya on the song “Grand Ole Party Crash”), the album has a stark, tortured landscape that Cage traverses with his warped, astute and sometimes witty observations. And with titles like “The Death of Chris Palko,” “Lord Have Mercy,” and “Peeranoia” you would expect nothing less. The posse cut “Left It To Us” with El-P, Tame 1, Yak Ballz and Aesop is just an added bonus.

Cage has said that he wanted this outing to set the record straight; to be an album that his daughter can listen to one day. Well, while she’s chilling at the Frat party with Em’s daughter Hailey, poppin’ pills and getting twisted off ecstasy, this album should provide a suitable back-drop for a frenzied, if somewhat paranoid, Opiate party where everyone is either playing strip poker or bearing all during a game of Truth Or Dare. Cage fans will not be disappointed.

Note: Cage can be seen at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on the 28th. Appearing with him will be Ill Bill, Brother Ali and Eyedea (from Eyedea and Abilities).


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