Beautiful Creatures – Deuce

Recently the phones at the media offices for rockers Beautiful Creatures were ringing off the god damn hook. Apparently the legendary Nikki Six called and was in ape-shit mode, goin’ bananas because 80% of the boys in Creatures straight jacked the bass player’s famous mop (the lone exception being the evil top-hat guy), and had […]

The Blackout Pact – Hello Sailor

They say timing is everything. In the case of The Blackout Pact (love the name by the way), it was both timing and a hot dog dive that marked a pinnacle moment for this Denver/Boulder six-piece. Geoff Rickly, lead singer of Thursday and well-known producer (with a Tony on the shelf of his bathroom) was […]

Conjour One – Extraordinary Ways

As opposed to other art forms, music in itself has one of the highest opportunities to reveal its evolution because of its reach. So see an art piece up front and personal you need to make an effort to leave your laptop and join the world within the environment of space. People depend on their […]

D:Fuse – People_3

As much as I love musical computer toys, and I do (believe me), nothing hits the heart and soul like the sound of real instrumentation. Without picking up the press release on the new D:FUSE, I knew there was something more than tweaks and samples on People_3. When I did read it, the quote from […]

Fear Factory – Transgression

There’s something to be said for sticking to one’s core. Years ago, it would have been very easy for Fear Factory to run out and grab some dude with two turntables and perhaps even get someone’s little brother to drag his baggy-pants ass on stage to cut a little rap. But that would have been […]

Moistboyz – Moistboyz IV

I really, really hate the word “moist.” I know I’m not alone when I say that that word just gives me the willies. I think that’s the intention here, though. Especially coupled with the “boyz” with a z. Intentional misspellings just irritate me. (I know, I write for a magazine called Kaffeine Buzz with a […]

Morricone Youth – Silenzio Violento

The name Morricone Youth is obviously spun off from Ciccone Youth, the Madonna-cover Sonic Youth ‘side project,’ but their sound is closer to that of movie-soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone than Kim and Thurston. Apparently, these gimmick-heavy New Yorkers started off as a film-score cover band, playing tracks from spaghetti westerns and horror films in hip […]