Sicbay – Suspicious Icons

Not quite the death metal, grindcore vibe the name seems to suggest, Sicbay is a trio of lads bent on taking elements of Sparta’s sound, dragging them through the dirt and producing an end product that’s a raw recipe of freeform, rhythm-based meanderings. Vocally, Sicbay is caught somewhere between Henry Rollins and Rancid’s Matt Freeman. […]

The Supahip – Seize The World

The Supahip‘s Seize the World is the latest studio project by Michael Carpenter and Mark Moldre. The album, released on Not Lame Records, consists of twelve tracks recorded and mixed in the new-fangled stereo format followed by ten of those same songs in mono. They wanted to fit all twelve, but even modern technology has […]

Switchfoot – Nothing is Sound

The band Switchfoot has once again proven that gems still shine in the realm of acts that sell millions of copies, putting them into what would be considered the mainstream. Even the name could easily be penned in with a hardcore act (I think it’s the whole “foot” thing) or an AP cover boy band. […]

The Warlocks – Surgery

The Warlocks – SurgeryBirdman/Mute Recordings It’s been a long and strange road for The Warlocks. Since forming in 1998, they have had a total of nineteen members. That’s almost enough people to form their own Polyphonic Spree. Even now, since the release of Phoenix, Bob Mustachio (a name so rad you’d think he made it […]