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Every Time I Die – Gutter Phenomenon

In a recent press interview, Keith Buckley, vocalist for Buffalo hardcore kings Every Time I Die, said, “We listen to a lot of Motorhead, Black Crowes, and Thin Lizzy, we got into the groove. The scene we’re in is inundated with hardcore bands, so we listened to classic rock.” Upon reading this, my insides tingled with warmth because I knew the new ETID record would be just what I’d been waiting for from this band.


After the debut, Last Night in Town, and the breakthrough success of last years Hot Damn, I envisioned great things for them, but I knew they had yet to fully realize their own potential. With the release of Gutter Phenomenon, ETID, has undoubtedly arrived. Not like that hadn’t pulverized their way into my heart before, but this release is what I’d always imagined from these smart-ass New Yorkers.

With guest vocals from Daryl Palumbo (GlassJaw, Head Automatica) and Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) Gutter Phenomenon is a non-stop rock and roll bludgeoning. With their cynical musings and sarcasm firmly intact, and Buckley’s vocal range widened thanks to a vocal coach, the record sees them fulfilling voids left from the previous releases. Where Hot Damn puts a stranglehold on your attention, Gutter holds it and refuses to relinquish. The southern fried classic rock riffs are at home next to stifling hardcore breakdowns, and with melodic, and sometimes humorous hooks, bountifully festooned throughout the record, my appreciation and enjoyment grows with each spin.

The fate of Prometheus shall be bestowed upon the so called saviors and forbearers of our culture’s destiny, for it is their irrevocable habits of breeding that has left us vulnerable, unable to control what we have sent spiraling deathward into the bleak and unforgiving lands of tragedy. Justice has tipped her scales, warning us that the ratio can never be rescued from its lopsided hopelessness.


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