Stratovarius – Stratovarius

For once in my life, I’m stumped as what to say. Not because I don’t have an opinion, believe me, I always do, just ask my friends…but because I have no idea how to say what I have to say without being cruel. Stratovarius’ self-titled disc is one of the worst collections of cheddar metal […]

Moistboyz – Moistboyz IV

I really, really hate the word “moist.” I know I’m not alone when I say that that word just gives me the willies. I think that’s the intention here, though. Especially coupled with the “boyz” with a z. Intentional misspellings just irritate me. (I know, I write for a magazine called Kaffeine Buzz with a […]

Iommi – Fused

Legendary axe-man Tony Iommi is back with his third solo effort entitled, Fused. The famed Black Sabbath guitarist is joined by long time friend and former Deep Purple vocalist/bass player, Glenn Hughes, and seasoned drummer Kenny Aronoff, who has played sessions with notables such as Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, Dylan and the Stones to name […]

GZR – Ohmywork

Once upon a time in the annals of rock history, there was a man named Terry “Geezer” Butler, who, along with his friends John, Tony and Bill, became 20th-century legends. They pounded and plodded through a haunting sludge of aural darkness under the moniker of Black Sabbath, forever leaving an indelible mark on the face […]