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Moistboyz – Moistboyz IV

I really, really hate the word “moist.” I know I’m not alone when I say that that word just gives me the willies. I think that’s the intention here, though. Especially coupled with the “boyz” with a z. Intentional misspellings just irritate me. (I know, I write for a magazine called Kaffeine Buzz with a K. I never said I made sense.)


But since the Moistboyz are a side project of the famed Dean Ween of Ween fame, I take everything they do with a grain of salt. Their rock is played with fervor reminiscent of Andrew W.K., but perhaps a hint more irony. They’ve got the attitude of Kid Rock but on the other side of the political spectrum, with a song titled “I Don’t Give a Fuck Where the Eagle Flies” and the repeated line “America’s dead” at the end of “Captain America.”

It took me a while to get through this CD. I’d put it on and laugh at the first few songs, then get bored with it and change it. It’s funny, loud and vulgar, wiseassed, a parody of rock machismo with a bit of earnestness to it, but I think I’m just completely, utterly bored with novelty acts. I bet they put on a fun live show, but I wouldn’t have bothered much with the album if I didn’t have to.


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