American Princes – Little Spaces

After releasing an EP on indie-label Max Recordings, and embarking on a slew of regional tours, American Princes went into the studio in 2004 to record their debut full length, Little Spaces. The record soon found itself in the hands of Yep Roc Records head, Glenn Dicker, during a chance listening encounter while hanging with […]

Rusty Anderson – Undressing Underwater

While it is acknowledgeable that The Walrus appears on the record at the start; and that can skew one’s perception… Sir Paul McCartney’s guitarist has some intriguingly similar chord progressions to those of Wings (as well as much of the Walrus’s solo material, understandably). He also has the same rationalization of pop structures, which seems […]

Dogme 45 – Arcadian Hymns

The most interesting thing about this CD, Arcadian Hymns by Dogme 95, was the information I learned from Googling the band’s name. Apparently, Dogme 95 is a manifesto created by four Danish filmmakers (including Lars Von Trier aka the director of Dancer in the Dark) in 1995 and Dogme being the French word for dogma. […]

DRK – Cathartic Resume

Album Recording and Mixing 101 states that when putting together an album, you always start with the best tracks and end with the best tracks. The logic, of course, is that you want to catch people’s attention right away and because we are a society that has a hard time focusing for long periods—and short […]

Fivespeed – Bella EP

The smoldering desert metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona is not usually lauded as a prominent musical oasis, but with the recent major label success of bands like Jimmy Eat World and Authority Zero people are starting to take notice. After releasing an EP and full-length on Phoenix based Sunset Alliance, Fivespeed signed to Equal Vision Records, […]