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American Princes – Little Spaces

After releasing an EP on indie-label Max Recordings, and embarking on a slew of regional tours, American Princes went into the studio in 2004 to record their debut full length, Little Spaces. The record soon found itself in the hands of Yep Roc Records head, Glenn Dicker, during a chance listening encounter while hanging with Memphis faves Lucero. It turns out Lucero had recently played a gig with AP and were rocking a copy of Little Spaces they’d been given when Dicker asked who it was, and after an informal showcase show, they signed with Yep Roc.


Yep Roc re-issued Little Spaces nationally to give the album a chance for exposure to a wider audience, and the Princes have already begun recording their follow-up to Little Spaces with producer Alan Weatherhead of Sparklehorse fame. The new album, due out in early 2006, is said to bring to mind early Spoon or the Replacements.

As for Spaces, it definitely has a warm, stripped down quality to it. The subtle dual guitar sound is edgy but not overpowering, complimented with a hint of southern charm. Expect the new offering to be a polished version of the same sound, and if evolutionary properties lend to the aforementioned musical influences, it should be a successful Yep Roc debut.

(a bit of mindful gab from MD)……….The year of our lord 9, in a dew field just beyond the CrimAmber Forest, we find the eager and youthful Maldeodren feeding a large earthen crucible with bits of iron and bronze, awaiting the desired heat to forge the mighty axe, an axe powerful enough to cut down any enemy and grow with each droplet blood it consumes, an axe courageous enough to level the bountiful spruce, bringing fuel to warm his people and the great halls of Drennenlande. Although a young and inexperienced warrior, it is in these great halls that he will one day be hoisted upon the shoulders of men…………


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