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Dogme 45 – Arcadian Hymns

The most interesting thing about this CD, Arcadian Hymns by Dogme 95, was the information I learned from Googling the band’s name.

Apparently, Dogme 95 is a manifesto created by four Danish filmmakers (including Lars Von Trier aka the director of Dancer in the Dark) in 1995 and Dogme being the French word for dogma. I suggest you read up on the manifesto, a list of rules entitled “the Vow of Chastity” (which can be found at


The name makes sense. The low-tech, DIY approach to filmmaking outlined was also employed by Nick Wright, the soloist behind Dogme95.

That’s about where my interest ran out. The CD sounds unpolished, and not in a edgy or innovative fashion. The first track titled “Summon My Baptist Ways” is a chanting of just that, and if not for this review, I would’ve hit stop. Now, the CD did get better after that, but at best it didn’t draw me in, and at worst it was aurally offensive, specifically tracks 1 and 10. The keyboards especially sound sophomoric. I’m reminded of old Yamahas where you can select a stylistic background beat.

All in all, I was disappointed, as one of the selling points of Arcadian Hymns was that it “modernizes the sounds of 1940’s prison chants with analog synths and melodic guitar.” This intrigued me, but in the future I will be skeptical of all music based around old school prison chanting.


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