Ahimsa Theory – Ahimsa Theory

It’s quite possible that melody driven rock is dead. Our current music scene striving for individuality has all about dumped the musical decree. However, Ahimsa Theory’s newest might be the zombie sent to revive formulaic rock melody. That revival, however, will be as disruptive as a stone thrown in the Pacific.

Bear Vs. Shark – Terrorhawk

Bear Vs. Shark is unique, experimental, emotional and honest. They strive to be set apart from corporate-driven, financial ideals and to be heard without discrimination through unfiltered ears. Their newest album, Terrorhawk, encompasses every intention to be set apart from the social norm, and to be as diverse as humanly possible.

The Catch – get cool

Some girl bands just make music and are girls, some address head-on feminist issues, and some never let you forget for a second that they are GIRLS, and cute. Seattle’s The Catch dwell squarely in that third realm, one carved out and polished by the Go-Go’s, and with their debut album, get cool, they’re staking […]

Kraftwerk – Minimum Maximum

Before the Internet, before laptop computers and cell phones, before DVDs and wireless technology there were the futurists, Kraftwerk. This was a time for true invention. No redo of retro. No flashback with a new skin. Ralf Hutter, Florian Schneider, Fritz Hilpert and Henning Schmitz were the Alexander Bell to Can’s Thomas Jefferson, but on […]

Mirazh – Based On True Events

Mirazh, also known by the moniker M-6, might just be the closest thing D-Town has to the legendary Tupac. Not that he’s trying to be, either; its just the way of things. Though at time his rhymes are juvenile at best, and occasionally his delivery seems a bit forced, there is no denying the sincerity […]

Stiffed – Burned Again

If I judged records on the album artwork I received, this one might’ve gone straight in the garbage bin, with its white-on-black hand-scribbled drawing that looks like something I might’ve done in Wite-Out on the cover of a notebook in middle school. Luckily, I didn’t pitch it, as I like this album more each time […]