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One Of The Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard – Situation Nowhere

One Of The Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard is the collaborative effort of a Los Angeles-based production team turned musical avatars; and, production knowledge is clear, as the masterful stereophonics, fidelity and vocal effects on the group’s debut LP Situation Nowhere are ever-present and usually good, though from time to time it gets too synthetic sounding.


Stylistically, this started out reminding me of the Fat Wreck Chords’ variety of snotty, whiney frontmen leading sarcastic punk bands (Propaghandi…). But soon I was thinking more Tom Petty—strange, but true. Situation Nowhere lights up spots all across the musical map – again being good in most forms, but from time to time the ever-changing-ness is a bit depleting.

The best sideline on this group: A member who goes by just one name: Claudia (drums).


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