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Ahimsa Theory – Ahimsa Theory

It’s quite possible that melody driven rock is dead. Our current music scene striving for individuality has all about dumped the musical decree. However, Ahimsa Theory’s newest might be the zombie sent to revive formulaic rock melody. That revival, however, will be as disruptive as a stone thrown in the Pacific.

Nevertheless, the threesome’s newest isn’t that bad of a record. The indie and rock alternative blend creates an impressive originality that’s almost brave. Furthermore, it’s been so long since I heard a non-polished sound and this record’s selling point is its raw, unabridged final product. The only problem I have with the record is the vocals that sound like there being sung into a shower stall. If Gabe Bledsoe (vocalist) actually has that much of an echolike voice he shouldn’t be singing. He’s just too loud, and it seems as though his vocals were turned up during the mastering process and at times, drowns out the actual instruments.

At any rate, these guys have offered something that rock writers have been screaming about for the last decade: originality. However, I don’t think this was what nerdy kids like me were hoping for.


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