American Hi-Fi – Hearts on Parade

There are few times when listening to a CD sends me into giggling state, with the exception of Bloodhound Gang. But after playing in the back up band for Avril Lavigne with Butch Walker, American Hi-Fi probably had a lot of material and a reason to make us laugh. Or maybe that wasn’t their intension […]

Blood & Batteries – Salient

Do you ever see someone at the end of the bar and they look, from afar, like someone that could get the blood pumping? Then as you get closer your mind screams silently, “Never mind! Abort! Abort! Keep walking to the bathroom!”

Caribou – The Milk of Human Kindness

There is a Canadian doppelganger for everything. Caribou’s third offering begins as the Anti-Palace, the Biased Milk Hotel. Caribou is the sonic moniker of Manitoba’s Dan Snaith; in your parentheses, seemingly Canada’s answer to genius Jeff Magnum. Then he goes on some toward-end-of-an-Orb-album type of musical tyrade that sounds like someone is pouring buckets of […]

Circa Survive – Juturna

The most liberating thing in the world to me is when a song reaches a climax that deserves a few words sung into an invisible mic. It is that moment of lost control, which provides a welcomed freedom. Emo usually features that loss of control in small bursts that reflect the genre’s definition. With Circa […]

Converge – Forever Comes Crashing

I think that someone out there should develop software so you can remove the vocals on a CD. Maybe something like that already exists, but my version of the software would have genre specific buttons in my neat computer window. My buttons, creatively designed, would be labeled: “eliminate whinny suburbanite punky voice, click here” and […]

Fishcerspooner – Odyssey

I have to say writing this review was a difficult one. I wish my computer was set up like a key-tar so I could have strapped it to me on the dancefloor, or at least while I bounced around the privacy of my own homestead.

Giant Haystacks – Blunt Instruments

Although Giant Haystacks’ moniker creates visuals of those rolled oat barrels often seen on the sides of dusty, Midwest two-lane highways, the album’s title hits closer to home. Blunt Instrument is based on bare bones instrumentation with the emphasis lying square on the shoulders of lead vocalist Alan McNaughton. Having a spunky-ness typically found in […]

Neon – Dizziness

Judging from their music Neon likes to keep things relatively simple. I’m going to do the same and make this easy on you and me: Neon = Power Pop. What, not enough? Fine, I’ll try to do my job and provide an actual informative review, but just this once. Neon is a three-piece that hails […]

Overkill – RELIXIV

Few bands have endured the ever-evolving landscape of American heavy metal music like New York natives Overkill, and fewer since have been able to appease the metal gods for twenty-plus years. Since a self-financed EP in 1984, the band has seen several line-up changes and label shifts, including a seven year stint on Atlantic. While […]