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Caribou – The Milk of Human Kindness

There is a Canadian doppelganger for everything. Caribou’s third offering begins as the Anti-Palace, the Biased Milk Hotel. Caribou is the sonic moniker of Manitoba’s Dan Snaith; in your parentheses, seemingly Canada’s answer to genius Jeff Magnum.

Then he goes on some toward-end-of-an-Orb-album type of musical tyrade that sounds like someone is pouring buckets of sound on a crying Cartman from South Park. Every song is a disjointed twist on a different influence. And on it goes.


Snaith has a PhD in Mathematics, and his music is the sonic equivalent of a written prescription; regular people can’t make heads or tails of it. Only other math geeks armed with calculators that can process cosines and algorithms can sort out this complex problem.

How can a country that pitches such incredible actors and genius humorists have such a problem with music? Do we need to send an emissary up there or something?

To top it off, did we mention the album is entitled, The Milk of Human Kindness? Yeah.

Caribou headlines at the BlueBird on Tuesday, May 17 with electro-pop beauties Junior Boys along with the Russian Futurists.


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