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Neon – Dizziness

Judging from their music Neon likes to keep things relatively simple. I’m going to do the same and make this easy on you and me: Neon = Power Pop. What, not enough? Fine, I’ll try to do my job and provide an actual informative review, but just this once.

Neon is a three-piece that hails from the antipodal continent of Australia. I’m told there is some beautiful scenery down there; but let us not forget that Mad Max 2: Beyond Thunderdome was filmed on location in Silverton, Australia. This was apparently the filmmaker’s idea of a post-apocalyptic wasteland and incidentally, the hometown of singer-guitarist Josh Bitmead. According to Josh, this had a very formative effect on the music he produces today. Jamie Gurney adds his talents on the drums, while the lovely Britt Spooner sings backup and plays bass.


Now I must confess, power pop is not really my thing. I find it irritating. It all just sounds so generic and high school. However, in order to be fair, I must keep an open mind and listen to the entire album. So I did, and I admit that these guys are kind of infectious. They are quintessential power pop, but I found myself nodding along to the beat. Josh makes for a good screaming singer. I particularly liked the harmonies on the choruses and I enjoyed the simplicity.

You don’t have to listen to the album for long before realizing that these guys are perfectly pre-packaged for MTV with their catchy as well as “crunchy” guitar riffs and loud and simple chord progressions. The song “New Direction” would be a perfect addition to Total Request Live. And last but not least, it’s a good-looking group.

For me, after twelve songs, it all sounded a little repetitive. I told you I’m not a power pop guy, what do you want from me? I do like that they know exactly what it is they do. They are absolutely up front about what sort of music they play and their influences; which include Cheap Trick and the Knack. In other words they aren’t pretentious dicks like I am. They are young, talented and with time I think they could mature into a really good band. If you are a person who enjoys music labeled as “power pop,” then check this out.

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