Big Chris – Unforgiven

Colorado-based Big Chris comes at us with Unforgiven – a straightforward hardcore hip-hop album with its share of fronting and more than its share of backing vocal divas. No doubt, Big Chris is a tough MF, but a lot of his lyrics are a rhyming revision of so much that’s been said in hustler-thug rap […]

Corrina Repp – It’s Only The Future

Okay. Corrina Repp has a beautiful voice. Unfortunately, she doesn’t use that notion to her advantage. It’s Only the Future, Repp’s release on Portland-based Hush Records, is a literal drag. Most of the 10 tracks last under four minutes, but they feel much longer, clinging to life as they move slowly along. Repp’s voice is […]

One For Jude – Helice

Kaffeine Buzz has officially hit the international radar, and even if the French are mad at us for re-electing Bush, they want our opinion on this band. Though it may have been shipped out before November 2… Paris’s one for jude is alternately folky and dancy, but persistently haunting. I guess you’d call them a […]

Paria – Misanthropos

To be honest, the title track of Misanthropos is hard to sit through. Yeah it’s complicated and full of changes, but there’s just no musical substance or groove. Now going on with the rest of the disc, I had a new appreciation for Paria. The songs are musically interesting, the hardest of hardcore mixed with […]

Kinsey (Bill Condon)


Kinsey (2004, Bill Condon) The timing for this movie couldn’t be better. As America drifts back into the clutches of the “moral values” crew, we could all use a dose of the biologist who tried to strip sex down to its basics and in doing so, free Americans from the idea of “normal.” Liam Neeson […]

Tarnation (Jonathan Caouette)


Tarnation (2003, Jonathan Caouette) The New York Times has accused Jonathan Caouette of creating a new genre of filmmaking with Tarnation, his debut film, put together on iMovie (a free Macintosh program) from footage he’d compiled from the age of 11. Whether it’s a new genre or simply a different form of documentary, Tarnation is […]