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Corrina Repp – It’s Only The Future

Okay. Corrina Repp has a beautiful voice. Unfortunately, she doesn’t use that notion to her advantage. It’s Only the Future, Repp’s release on Portland-based Hush Records, is a literal drag. Most of the 10 tracks last under four minutes, but they feel much longer, clinging to life as they move slowly along. Repp’s voice is accompanied mostly by electronic beats and noise, and that’s exactly what it adds to the dreary tracks: noise.


It’s Only the Future exists in a catatonic state and is unresponsive, slumber-inducing and weary. Repp often feels bored with her own words, and tracks like “Lost at Sea” and “Replaced” especially prove that. The only time my ears perked up at all while listening to this LP was during track 10, “I’ll Be Seeing You.” Come to find out, this track is a cover of a song originally done by Billie Holiday.

Repp has a wonderful voice; it just can’t be stirred by the music or words she draped around it. She has a low and sexy tone that lays unused by this album, and it is quite disappointing. Repp has got definite potential, but apathy is a bitch, and it sure keeps It’s Only the Future from picking up any steam.


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