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One For Jude – Helice

Kaffeine Buzz has officially hit the international radar, and even if the French are mad at us for re-electing Bush, they want our opinion on this band. Though it may have been shipped out before November 2…

Paris’s one for jude is alternately folky and dancy, but persistently haunting. I guess you’d call them a goth band, but they showcase a fairly broad range on this maxi-single, Hélice. The title track is an atmospheric, wispy, chamber-music-style song, en français. My French comprehension is far better read than heard, so I can’t really tell what they’re talking about, but it sounds that much more otherworldly for being incomprehensible.


The second song, the English-language and grandiosely titled “The Punishment of the White Rose” is more of a darkwave dance number, perfect for cobweb-plucking, and “L’ébloui” is a folky ballad. The album wraps up with a ghostly, nebulous version of Hélice.

one for jude is planning to release a new album at the end of 2004. If you’re interested in francophone music to send chills up your spine, with the occasional Byronic lyric in English, the band can be found at


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