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In Battle – Welcome to the Battlefield

These days, Metal Blade Records is signing a lot of Swedish death metal bands, and In Battle fits the bill. Formed in 1996, In Battle toured extensively in Europe and with their November 2004 release Welcome to the Battlefield, In Battle plans to dominate as many venues as possible.


In Battle is no holds barred speed metal. You’ll find a few interesting breakdowns throughout the disk, but for the most part, it’s brutal Swedish death rock. Nisse Fjellstrom’s insanely fast, machine-like drumming is probably the most impressive aspect of this band, as with most death metal bands. Guitars are equally as fast and relatively impressive, matching many drum fills note for note. Odhinn Sandin’s vocals are pretty standard for death metal: brutal and consistent. Interestingly, some of the songs are in Swedish, some in English. Unfortunately I really couldn’t understand any of it regardless of the language.

If you like death metal, you may not be blown away, but you’ll definitely like these guys. There are no surprises, no experimental hidden tracks, just 11 tracks of brutal classic metal death jams. For more info, pics and samples check out To look into the other death metal bands being released on Metal Bade, hyperlink over to


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