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Paria – Misanthropos

To be honest, the title track of Misanthropos is hard to sit through. Yeah it’s complicated and full of changes, but there’s just no musical substance or groove.

Now going on with the rest of the disc, I had a new appreciation for Paria. The songs are musically interesting, the hardest of hardcore mixed with very intricate, experimental changes, bridges and breakdowns. With all the experimental music, they would benefit from a vocalist that can sing as well as scream. There are parts that just beg for a vocal melody of any kind. The vox are basically unintelligible so with all the musical changes throughout each song, I found it hard to find my seat and take the ride.


One thing I really like about Misanthropos, however, is that it sounds as though it was recorded with each song in mind, rather than the album as a whole.

I suppose there isn’t much to do in Omaha, Nebraska so these guys have been birthing insane song pieces and structures since fall of 2001. I would really like to see these guys live. They seem like a serious mind fuck of a show and the press seems to agree. There is a secret track on the disk, but don’t tell anyone. Don’t tell anyone about either.


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