Bill Laswell – Version 2 Version

If there were an award for the Overachieving Bass Player for the last four decades, Bill Laswell would win it, hands down. With a discography dating back to the sixties and lined with guests representing the cream of the crop for just about every musical genre worldwide, it would be appropriate to say that he […]

American Jobs (Greg Spotts)

American Jobs

AMERICAN JOBS (GREG SPOTTS ) “If Nafta tonight threatened the jobs of editorial writers and network news anchors and Wall Street bankers, this bill wouldn’t have a prayer.” That hard-hitting argument was made by Democratic Representative David R. Obey from Wisconsin as the House voted to renew NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement that […]

Radio 4 – Do Yourself Justice Already

Greg Collins – Drums/PercussionAnthony Roman – Vocals/Bass/KeyboardsTommy Williams – Vocals/GuitarGerard Garone – KeyboardsP.J. O’Connor – Percussion Two years ago the New York based band Radio 4 had just released Gotham! that included the single, “Save Your City.” The song, drenched in waves of post punk and small club dance nights, was taken as an ode […]

Silver Sunshine – Silver Sunshine

Months later my CD is still stuck in my CD player in my car, leaving me the choice of either listening to Poole for the 100th millionth time in a row or radio. When it comes to the dial (which is much of a dial as my phone I suppose), there’s ’60s and ’70s Oldies […]

Joshua Nouvak – The 5 Day Romance

There are very specific music memories I have in my repertoire, memories held near and dear to my heart: seeing Beck in a small club in San Jose to comfortable crowd of a 100 people or so, a double bill with Soul Coughing and Jeff Buckley, Stone Temple Pilot’s secret acoustic show at the Fillmore, […]

Ministry and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – September 17, 2004 – Ogden Theater


God love John Mellencamp for trying to bring politics to the center stage by forming a legion of über-rock artists and embarking on a nationwide tour to promote voter registration. Unfortunately, straight talk and stern yet cautious diplomacy just aren’t strong enough. In fact, despite his admirable intentions, if you combined Mellencamp’s heartland hits, his […]