Thursday @ SXSW 2007 – Ringing Ears, Aching Feet, and a Happy Heart – Kim Owens

Austin Mayor Will Wynn

SXSW Day 2: Second day in. I can’t see so clearly in the morning but at least the rain is gone. Thank God. The morning starts off with a breezy walk to the Mayor’s Office. Yep. The Mayor’s Office. I’m not sure how, but we were invited to join a number of other media folks […]

The Melvins – Mangled Demos from 1983

When they were just adolescent sasquatches, The Melvins made music for all the right reasons. They were bored in a small town and nothing goes better with beer, weed and wayward adolescence than rock guitar played really fucking fast. In Washington State, these guys were legend material from the get go, stomping around with the […]