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Silver Sunshine – Silver Sunshine

Months later my CD is still stuck in my CD player in my car, leaving me the choice of either listening to Poole for the 100th millionth time in a row or radio. When it comes to the dial (which is much of a dial as my phone I suppose), there’s ’60s and ’70s Oldies 105 station, Radio 1190 or Air America.

I know what you’re thinking, “The oldies station?” You betcha. Yea, there’s the swampy ’70s ballad crap like “Feelings,” (was that on Blender’s Worse Songs of All Time list?) but then there’s the gems like “My Green Tamborine,” “Magic Carpet Ride,” and classics from the Animals, the Turtles, the Monkees, and of course, the Stones. They even have this playing at the Capitol Hill post office, which I frequent often (they have a great happy hour), and have caught myself singing in line much to the dismay of their patrons.


I can’t help it. I simply love psychedelic ’60s rock and will until I’m wearing Depends g-strings (on second thought, if I ever have to wear Depends, you have my permission to take me out back and shoot me).

I’m guessing it was the sunny San Diego skies and close proximately to Los Angeles that led Silver Sunshine down their flowery, guitar pedal path, versus radio station prison via a mechanical mishap. Whatever it is, and taking a slightly revised line from Dumb and Dumber, “I like it a lot.”

Bathing with melodious solar power, this self-titled debut flows from one gleaming tune to another. They get dangerously close to The Beatles, especially on “When She Wakes Tomorrow,” but those chromatic chords, oscillating with Piccadilly grandeur are simply irresistible. Most would dub this Brit-pop, even when it’s from the US of A. Whatever the case, Silver Sunshine has a set of lamb chops sideburn tracks that can travel from one continent to another and back, time-traveling all the way and into the future.


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